About Us

As a child of the 80′s, I grew up playing video games and Pinball. I enjoyed going to the local arcade at the mall and playing those machines. When I would vacation at the beach during the summer, I always looked forward to visiting the multiple arcades on the boardwalk. I would play pinball, arcade video games and coin-operated skill machines for hours. As an adult, I still enjoy playing those games. The Awesome thing is….. my wife and 3 kids also enjoy playing these games and have a love of the hobby.

Myrtle Beach Arcades

Myrtle Beach Arcades

We enjoy celebrating the Art, Science, and History of Pinball and Arcades!

As a Myrtle Beach Local I get a lot of questions from locals and tourists asking; Where’s the best place to play pinball in Myrtle Beach, What’s the best arcade in Myrtle Beach, What’s the best arcade on the Grand Strand? ….So I put this site together to share the love of the game and hobby with others.

We are now working on our new future project:

“Our goal is to preserve Pinball for what it really is: a national treasure of pure American engineering, art, and design. We want to inspire an interest in art, science, and history through pinball arcades and preserve & promote this important part of American culture.”

Myrtle Beach Pinball Museum

Myrtle Beach Pinball Museum

A group of pinball enthusiasts, wish to build a place, to house Myrtle Beach’s largest pinball machine collection. Rather than have these pinball machines just sit in someone’s private warehouse or garage, the goal is to build a permanent place, “a museum of fully playable machines”, where the public can not only see them but actually PLAY all their old favorites. A not-for-profit corporation has been established to further this cause!



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