We Buy Pinball Machines Myrtle Beach

We Buy Pinball Machines

We Buy Pinball Machines 

Do you have a game that you no longer want? We can take your pinball machine off your hands AND pay you a fair price. In most cases, we can be at your location the same day and haul it away!!! We are a local group of pinball game hobbyists. We collect and restore, this is not a business, we aren’t reselling them…

Our goal is to maintain a Museum of Fully Playable Pinball Machines in Myrtle Beach, SC & preserve the national treasure of American engineering, art, and design. A Non- Profit Organization has been established to further this cause.

Thanks for your support.

Please feel free to call 843-282-9018

607 N 27th Ave

Myrtle Beach, Sc 29577


We Buy Pinball Machines Myrtle Beach

We Buy Pinball Machines Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach Pinball Machines

Myrtle Beach Pinball Machines


We have the love of pinball and wish to keep this important part of American history alive and well. If you are looking to find the value of your pinball machine, we are glad to give a free evaluation. We have the current Pinball Price guides and can give you an estimate of what your game is worth.

Call–> 843-282-9018

Thank You!




Myrtle Beach Pinball


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